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 Install PDF to Flash Converter
      You can download the program setup file from our site at first, then double click the setup file, it will automaticlly be installed at you computer by default settings .Just press "OK" or "Cancel" etc. The steps reference to following.

  step 1.  Double click the install file and then the setup 'welcome' window appears.

  step 2.  Click "Next" appears the 'Select Destination Location' window,now you can select the programe installation directory or use default settings.

  step 3.  Click "Next" appears the 'Select Start Menu Folder' window to let you select start menu folder,default folder is "PDFToFlash".Of course you can input any name of the folder which you like.

  step 4.  Click "Next" appears the 'Select Additional Tasks'' window,it allows you to create a desktop icon and a quick launch icon after you check the settings.

  step 5.  Click "Next" appears the 'Ready to Install' window,it allows you to start installation program.

  step 6.  Click "install" to install the program to you computer,after the programe has been installed,it appears the 'completing' window.Then you click "finish",the installation is over.

 Uninstall PDF to Flash Converter
  1. Open windows system start menu,click "PDFToFlash"->"Uninstall PDF to Flash " to remove the program.
  2. Open the Control Panel, double click Add/Remove Programs,and delete "PDFToFlash" to remove the program.  
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