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  1. Page range  
  Indicate extract pages ranges from pdf files. The program supports the following pages range.
Default is extract all pages, more custom pages range information reference to pages range setting.
Pages range setting:
2 = Extract page number 2 into pdf document.
2,7 = Extract pages 2 and 7 into pdf document.
1-9 = Extract pages containing pages 1 through 9.
1, 5-20, 25, 30 = Extract pages containing pages 1, 5 through 20, 25 and 30.
  It is to set the framerate of flash movie(s), default is 0.5 fps(frame percent second).  
  3. Image quality  
  It is to set quality of embedded jpeg pictures to quality, from 0(worst) to 100(best), default is 75.  

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