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  PDF to Flash Converter is very easy to use. All you need to do is to choose the Adobe PDF documents that you want to convert and modify the settings, after that you just need to click "Convert" button. The main interface looks like below picture.  
 Quick to use PDF to Flash Converter
  step 1.  You just clik the button "Add Files" or "Add Folder... " to add pdf files which will be converted Flash files into the programe list, or you can move the mouse upon the programe list and right press mouse, it appears the pop-up menu, you select button "Add Files..." or "Add Folder...", which has same function. It looks like the following window.  
  step 2.  After the pdf files have been added into the programe list, click the "Next" button, you can sure the system options, then it appears the following "Options" window. If you accept the default settings, the following all you need to do is to click "Convert".  
  step 3.  When all general options have been sured, all you need to do is click button "Convert" to work. It starts working and looks like the following window. After finished, you can double click any one pdf file item in the completed list to view the result Flash files.  
 For more information, please refer to options.  
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