OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter v2.1

OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter is a windows application which can offer the best performance available to provide speedy conversions from PostScript to tiff. Ps to Tiff creates the images that are perfect representations of the original print files. All PS fonts, forms and other resources are reproduced exactly as they are on PostScript printers. It is easy to use and it is not based on print method. Otherwise, it does not need any third part software support. During the conversion, PS to Tiff optimizes images for archiving, retrieval and display, it can eliminate the need for costly changes to the native print applications.


OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter supports the fast, affordable way to create professional-quality tiff format files. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create tiff files by simply click the "next" button, and it offers convenient features to optimize and manipulate tiff files in ways that most other packages do not. It is clearly to see why it is one of the most powerful and efficient tools for your office on the market today.

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 OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter
 OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter
 OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter
 OakDoc PS to TIFF Converter
Single License is a single license, it will allow you to install and use the component on one computer only.
Unlimited License will allow you to install and use the component on multiple computers, it covers a single organization. If you buy an unlimited license component, you may use the component in an unlimited number of your company's computers.
Unlimited License is very cost-effective if you have many computers.
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  It quickly converts PS/EPS document to IMAGE format files.
  It supports batch PS/EPS to image files conversion.
  It supports conversion of vector graphics into image files.
  It supports generate multipage tiff files.
  It supports any resolution in the generated image files.
  It supports conversion into 1bit, 4bits, 8bits,4bits grayscale ,8bits grayscale and 24bits format image.
  It supports multifarious tiff compressions,such as lzw, jpeg, packbits, ccitt group3, ccitt group4, rle etc.
  It converts drag and drop of files.
  It supports win2000/xp/2003/vista platform.
  It can automatic view the image files after converted.
  It allows you to preserve original document layout.
  It is easy to use stand-alone application.
  Automatic installation and configuration.
  Support multilateral languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, etc.

  Printing a watermark in the each page of the generated pdf file.

  Technical supports and upgrades are free forever for registered users.
  Our software promise: 30 DAYS NO RISK REFUND (Not include developer component).

  The following operating systems listed have been tested with OakDoc PS to IMAGE Converter and are officially supported.
  (1) Microsoft Windows 2003 Server 32-bit Web Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition;
  (2) Microsoft Windows 2003 Server x64 Web Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition;
  (3) Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Home Edition;
  (4) Microsoft Windows XP x64 Professional;
  (5) Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server;
  (6) Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.

  (1) CPU: Intel(or Standard PC) 800MHz or faster compatible x86 processor;
  (2) RAM: 256MB or more RAM recommended, 128MB minimum;
  (3) Hard-Disk: 100MB free space recommended, 50MB free space required.


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